Talking Like a Politician

Welcome to Political Divide, the website dedicated to the world of politics both in the UK and abroad. Seeking to provide commentary and opinions on small and large events from the world of politics, we invite visitors to contribute their views on any aspect of the vast spectrum which is covered here.

The world of politics is seen by many as dominated by power hungry, silver tongued members of an elitist group who have self-interest at the very top of their agendas.

Whilst a Prime Minster or President may begin with a will to correct some the lingering discriminations and injustices which exist in society, they may soon find that the people who are able to place them at the top of the political food chain are those very elements which they set out to combat.

A sombre view of politicians could suggest that in order to get elected the public force them in to promising that which they can not deliver. Economic growth, inflationary control and unemployment are some of the areas where local factors are commonly outweighed by global event, leaving politicians with nothing by prayer and hope that things will work out on their watch.

The primary purpose for this Political Divide at its outset is not so much to provide running factual descriptions of what happens in the world of politics. It is more focused on taking the regular news and interpreting it, providing opinions and views and whether or not it is useful.

Spurred on in part also by the 2008 American elections, the author believes that there is plenty to say about the differences between US and UK political systems and voters.

The contract is even starker when viewing the remnants of dictatorships which remain around the world.

We would like to welcome you to political divide, a place where your voice can be heard.

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